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China has the world's most complete and advanced automotive industry supply chain in both gasoline and electric cars. There is no other country in the world that could match the production speed, variety, and availability of production resources of the Chinese manufacturing industry. If your company operates in the car manufacturing industry and you are looking for high quality parts or R&D technology, we can help you find a supplier in the Chinese automotive industry.
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Wide range of R&D services

Our services include vehicle body engineering, interior design, Chassis engineering design, Electrical engineering design, Computer simulation, Intelligent vehicle core subsystem product development and manufacturing.

Experienced R&D service supplier

Our main supplier, “Launch Design,” is one of the first independent car design companies established in China. Its research and development services are widely recognized by mainstream vehicle manufacturers in China and overseas.

High project success rate

Our partner, “Launch Design,” has 10 years of experience in providing R&D services. More than a dozen car models have been successfully developed thanks to their expertise.

AI and 5G industry Support

China's advanced 5G industry provides a great platform for autonomous driving and vehicle intelligence systems development. We have wide R&D experience in this field, which is based on rich real-life data.

Turn-key project operation

We also provide turn-key car manufacturing projects from concept development to production of ready-to-drive models.


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