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We are guided by these principles

Reliable suppliers

All our supplied products have a warranty. Our medical suppliers are on the “National White List” and are EC Certified.

A global professional team

We are an international team based in China, Europe, the Middle East and America to give support to customers in different regions.

Fast and varied logistic options

We are situated in Central China, next to one of the biggest logistic hubs in China (China-Europe railway, Zhengzhou International Air Transport and Shanghai Port).

Ability to supply big and urgent orders

We have three partners (the largest factories in China) to supply facemasks, surgical gowns, coveralls and medical gloves for epidemic prevention.

About Us

Award Winning
trade company

BOJCK is an international trading company specializing in the import and export of goods and technologies. We started an international trade business in 2003 and our company BOJCK was founded in 2015. Since then, we have opened up markets in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and cooperated with companies from more than 30 countries. We won an award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Fight Against COVID19” from the 2020 World Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference.

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